The team at Electric 2000 Ltd. can talk you through the planning and development of electrical installations, offering expert advice and consultations. Our extensive experience with a variety of projects allows us to help streamline your processes and ensure you get the support and peace of mind you need.

Design Build

Electric 2000 Ltd. is experienced in design build construction and is able to provide electrical designs for your commercial, industrial, institutional or residential project. By working directly with you, we understand your needs and are able to provide solutions tailored to your build.

Project Management

Our project management team can assist with planning, logistics and project controls to ensure that the final project is delivered on time and within budget.

24-Hour Emergency Service

We stand by our clients by offering 24-hour emergency support in case the unexpected happens.

Bucket Truck Services

The Electric 2000 Ltd. fleet includes a bucket truck which includes a 45′ boom with a 1000 lb. winch for lifting.

Buried or Underground Cable Fault Detection

Electric 2000 Ltd. offers cable fault detection services. We are able to locate damage to underground electrical services and pinpoint the exact location of the problem and make repairs. This can save you major expense by pinpointing and repairing the fault, rather than having to replace the entire underground reticulation service.

Data/Voice, Fiber, Low Voltage

We specialize in the installation, service, design and implementation of structured wire cabling systems and business telephone systems, that will support all of your voice, data, fiber optic networks and your VoIP or PBX telephone systems equipment. At Electric 2000 Ltd., we can offer a certified system with a 25 year warranty.


We offer complete electrical installations, providing you with the complete package from design to installation to maintenance and repairs. Our services are carried out by qualified electricians, ensuring that your project meets all electrical health and safety regulations.


Electric 2000 Ltd. can provide comprehensive cost evaluations and budgetary needs for all electrical services projects.

Preventative Maintenance Services

Preventative maintenance is the best way to ensure your service stays up and running at all times of the day with no costly breakdowns or unexpected loss of production. We offer maintenance service for your systems to keep you up and running.

Buried or Underground Cable Detection

Electric 2000 Ltd. uses the latest technology in pipe and cable location. We can give you the depth, direction and map out the underground reticulation system.

Concrete Coring and Cutting

At Electric 2000 Ltd., we offer concrete coring and cutting that is sometimes required in order to run electrical, cabling or other services to a specific area if it cannot be done via another route.

Licensed To Work In Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan

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